1. Reflect on your essentials


Determine your style before starting. Sort your entire wardrobe that reflects your style and make a list of clothes that you will need to add to your lifestyle (slacks, athleisure leggings, lounge pants, solid color t-shirt, rain boots, or cotton shorts) and another list that defines your aesthetics. Consider ‘Do your clothes describe who you are now?’ while sorting. Then shift to the clothes that no longer serve a purpose in your closet. This will help you rediscover your fashion identity. 

  1. Sort & Assess the outfits that you actually wear 

A 2018 study shows that people do not wear at least 50 percent of their wardrobe. This should be considered because, during the pandemic, the concept of dressing up for meetings or classes has changed entirely. That is why assessing the cloth pieces that you actually wear is essential. Reconsider your current style and think of a small change that can elevate your fashion game. Different pairs of shoes can elevate your look for other purposes with the same outfit. For example, sneakers with jeans and tee give a casual look, flats with the same outfit make you look elegant, and heels make you party ready. 

  1. Thrift Shopping

Once you know what additions are necessary to ace your look, seek brands that offer value to your personal style and wardrobe. Thrift shopping helps you own your favorite brand’s products in the most sustainable way and within your budget. While buying second-hand clothes, check the size, quality, and durability. Thrift shopping is an effective way, also because it takes less investment on a value product, fulfilling your fashion purpose.

  1. Fix, Upcycle, and recycle clothes 

Fixing clothes is one way to increase their life. Whenever you find a patch or cut in your clothing, try fixing it yourself or get it done from a tailor. Sometimes you get tired of wearing a piece of cloth, and the quality of that piece is intact, upcycle it. Let’s say you own a pair of denim that you are tired of wearing, get creative, and convert it into a summer short. Recycling also helps you stay loyal to the environment and sustainable fashion.  

  1. Donate/ Sell old items

While donating clothes is a good cause, it also holds up your sustainable fashion ideology. When you’ve arrived at the stage where you are determined about the change you require in your style, the unwanted clothes can go in the donation box. Many brands accept items that cannot be worn again. Alternatively, you can sell the branded clothes to the people who are looking for second-hand branded and sustainable items. Luxe dressing is one platform that integrates buyers and sellers and makes the process smooth and fruitful.

  1. Consider another upgrade 

At this point, you’ve mastered the art of upgrading your wardrobe. You might want to consider another elevating upgrade that changes the way you use to define your style. Try to add accessories (earrings can be a style statement for your look) to your outfits, coordinate your outfits with different handbags and purses, mix and match your clothes, experiment with footwear, play with volume, be brave to wear the color you like. 


  1. Take steps successively

Upgrading your wardrobe includes upgrading accessories, footwear, bags, stalls, etc., along with clothes. The best advice is to take gradual steps in the process and understand your meaning of fashion at each step of upgrading your closet. This process is a loop and needs to be practiced at intervals. Take your time until the next upgrade. Following this process will help you budget shop and analyze your needs more prominently. 


From the range of products, always remember, neutrals are your best friends, a staple shoe can get you anywhere, accessories are wardrobe saviors, and a coat can transform your look. While it might get tempting to buy unplanned, it is not a good idea. Switching to sustainable brands for your fashion needs is a wise person’s deed. Also, if you practice sustainable fashion and want to increase the life of the clothing, you might want to wash clothes less often, and air dry them. 

Platforms such as luxe dressing enable you to buy/sell your favourite brand’s products in the most affordable way without compromising on quality. Upgrading your wardrobe is a sign of being consistent and productive. It brings positive vibes. Extract value from these steps and start upgrading your wardrobe within budget to ace your fashion game!