Mercato Metropolitano 

With locations in Mayfair, Elephant and Castle and, Canary Wharf Mercato Metropolitano is the perfect spot for a sustainable night out. This collective offers a large selection of sustainable and fair bars, street food trucks, wine caves and more. The Mercato Metropolitano community is centred around the importance of nutritious and ample food for everyone, focusing on seasonal products, emotive food, community, inclusion and, the preservation of the environment. The perfect spot to get drinks after a day at work.

Bayley & Sage

Bayley & Sage is a London-based independent food retailer with plenty of locations around the city. Their motto is the quality, freshness and provenance of their products. For each product the supermarket share where it comes from, who made it and when it was produced and they only work with producers who care deeply. They not only sell food as a regular supermarket does, they also have their own kitchen where they make tasty soups, salads, pizza and more. Bayley & Sage is definitely the ideal store if you’re looking to eat great food for you and for the planet.


Kilo is a zero-waste store based in Holloway Road selling products in bulk without disposable packaging. All products come from local producers and fair-trade suppliers. At Kilo you can find dry food but also house-keeping and toiletries supplies. Using a pay-by-weight concept with a phone app that remembers how heavy your containers are so that they can be deducted from the price you pay. Kilo also offers a jar drop service to drop your containers at the store and get them filled when you’re ready. 

Farmer J

With 8 restaurants around London, Farmer J is the perfect sustainable lunch break place. It offers a seasonal and healthy menu with ingredients maindfully sourced directly from high-welfare British farms. Farmer J offers many vegetarian and vegan lunch options and all dishes are cooked from scratch on-site using whole ingredients.

Luxe dressing

And of course our last stop is… Luxe Dressing ! Because nothing is more sustainable than shopping second-hand we had to include ourselves in this list. With 2 locations in London, one in Marylebone and an upcoming one in Mayfair (Yes…You heard it here first). Not only our consignment system allows you to sell your designers items at a fair price, but it also allows you to shop unique second-hand pieces you won’t find in retail anymore.