Why can designer bags serve as a good investment option? 

The following points will help to enlighten you on the same: 

  • Luxe designer bags offer a pretty good resale value:

Designer bags of luxurious brands have a great resale value. The price of the original branded product generally increases with time because it is an exclusive product of a premium brand. Women’s designer bags typically show an increased retail value with time, making them worth the investment, with the best part being it’s easy and a good value sale if you no longer desire to own that handbag. 

As per AMR, that is Art Market Research; designer handbags now are even better in valuation and investment potential than worthy art pieces, classic original cars, and even exquisite whiskeys. An important fact to note here is that these handbags (mainly Hermes, Louis Vitton, and Chanel) have shown a spike of 83% in value in the last decade, making them a viable and profitable investment option. 

  • They offer durability along with supreme quality:

Luxe designer handbags offer high durability along with supreme quality. Low-cost designer bags are suitable for pockets, but they get easily torn off in a short span. Either thread comes out, or cracks start developing at the soft corners of the bags, making these ladies’ designer bags less reliable. 

Undoubtedly the prices of premium brands are very high but seeing its exceptional quality enriched with the usage of exotic materials, along with the perk of long-lasting capability, these bags are worthwhile. The added advantage to their usability is the lucrative returns they offer on resale. If you keep it or even decide to sell it, it is a win-win situation in both circumstances. 

Which designer bags are the best investment?  

We have talked about the benefits of investing in ladies’ designer handbags but can not trust all brands in this regard. So, to aid in your investment decision, the following are some premium brands whose products (designer bags) can offer advantageous returns and might serve as an add-on to your “must-have designer bags”.


This French luxury fashion house offers a variety in women’s designer wear, be it accessories, go-to clothing, or luxe designer bags. If we talk about “investing” in the designer bags of this brand, then nothing can beat the supremacy of the Classic Handbags. 

The Karl Lagerfeld creation comes with an iconic chain generally plated in gold or silver-colored metal, tied and laced beautifully upon the elegant leather base. Chanel classic bags seem to be timeless with the emphasized seal of Chanel.


It is another luxury goods company based in France. It deals in all sorts of luxe foods related to lifestyle, home furnishing, accessories, jewelry, watches, handbags, perfumes, and ready-to-wear clothes.  

The best buys in this brand are the Kelly and Birkin bags. These status symbol leather bags come in different shapes and sizes. While the Kelly bags are in flat trapezium shape with two straps to allow holding, the Birkin bags are broader in scope and even price.  

However, the Hermes Kelly bags and Hermes Birkin Bags do not allow vast space. Still, these are highly revered and treated as a status symbol that increases their price over time and makes them a profitable investment option. 


This Rome-based luxury house is a hub for accessories, shoes, fur, ready-to-wear clothing, leather goods like design bags, eyewear, and fragrances.  

Peekaboo bags are the most expensive line of bags under this brand. Such Fendi bags for women get curated with the best quality and craftsmanship that justifies the rate of the product. These designer handbags are an essential piece of the best handbag collection and are indeed worthy of investment. 


This French fashion company deals in luxury consumer goods. The best investment decision in this brand is truly the Dior saddlebag. 

The Dior bags for women are constantly spinning in the hottest trends of designer bags. They are light, arm-sized, and available in oblique canvas as well as embroidery versions. Its never-ending trend and hot-comfy look inflate its value over time, making it one of the best investment options.