2020 Fashion Trends

2020 Fashion Trends

2020 Fashion Trends: What Consumers Should Know


The new year may only barley have begun, but luxury fashion designers are already gearing up for a banner season. From the catwalk to the department store, the new decade is set to explore some interesting trends in the world of fashion. What should you be prepared for with the coming year? Below, we’ll explore some of the most important luxury fashion trends for 2020 and what they might mean for you.


Ultra-Wide Collars

The 70s are alive once more (yes, again). This time, it’s not bellbottoms or suede going around, but the reappearance of the 70s disco collar. Ultra-wide and tapering to razor-sharp points, this collar covers the shoulders, providing additional bulk, but also clean lines and sharp angles. Look for it to be paired with contrasting colours to make it really stand out.


Asian Themes 

In 2020, the Olympics will be held in Japan, and the entire world will watch. Look for Japanese influences to spread throughout the fashion world. Not only will established European luxury houses begin to mingle Asian-style themes into their own products, but look for Japanese fashion houses to become more accessible to Westerners.


Handbags Expand

Handbags have never really followed a set size limit, although there have been definite trends in the industry. As an example, the average handbag shrank by about 40% in 2019. For 2020, though, you can look for them to grow their footprint. Oversized totes and hobo bags will both be back in “big” ways. That’s good news for anyone who values both fashion and the ability to actually carry things with them.


Crochet Makes a Comeback

Yes, crochet might be most familiar to some from their grandmother’s tea cosies, but 2020 will mark a banner year in the world of high fashion, as well. It’s actually all about sustainability – crochet is handmade, slow, and intentional, the opposite of how many garments today are made in automated workshops around the world. So, break out the hand-me-down doilies. They’ll work well as accompaniments.


Break out the Daisy Dukes

You knew it, hot pants are coming back. Those short shorts have been making waves on the catwalk since the very beginning of 2020, and you can look for options available from some of today’s top design houses, including Hermès and Chanel. Worried that you might not have the tan to pull off short shorts? Wear them over a pair of opaque tights to create a unique look.


Politics Get Bigger

The political climate around the world is heating up, similarly to the actual climate, and that will be reflected in 2020’s fashions. Look for more brands to start making political statements – often at odds with the actual government of some countries – as a way to empower marginalised audiences and express political sentiment.


80s Neon Colours

Remember the bright, bold, vibrant neon colours of the 80s? Look for them to come back for 2020 with a focus on some of the boldest and most visible. Fluorescent pink, green, yellow, and orange are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg from companies like Tom Ford and Courreges. You’ll also find them worked into a broad range of styles, from flowing dresses to tight skirts, workplace-friendly blouses to sportscoats.


Bermuda Shorts Rise Again

Are capris pants not quite high enough, but hot pants just too short? Enter Bermuda shorts. The hallmark of a bygone age, they’re coming back for 2020. You’ll find options out there from Givenchy, Bottega Veneta, and Chloe to name just a few brands.


In the End 

Ultimately, the fashions for 2020 aren’t quite written in stone, but we’ve gotten a good idea of where things are going, and it’s set to be an exciting year in the fashion world.