Points Scheme

 Introducing our brand new and exclusive Luxe Dressing Points System, designed to elevate your consignment experience and reward our most esteemed customers!

We understand the value of luxury items and the significance of your contributions to our store. That's why we've created a loyalty program that adds an extra layer of opulence to your consignment journey.

Here's how it works:

REGISTER AS A SELLER: First you will need to become a registered seller. Go to our website: www.luxedressing.com From your login page you will see your points system.

Earning Points: Every time you consign a luxury item with us, you'll receive 1 point on your exclusive Luxe Dressing Points Card. But that's not all – for those truly extravagant pieces valued at over £1000, you'll earn 2 points!

Exclusive Membership: This exclusive points scheme is a privilege reserved solely for Crown Estate members. We value your loyalty and patronage, and as a member of our community.

The Reward: The icing on the cake is what you'll get once you accumulate 50 points. When you hit this remarkable milestone, you'll unlock an incredible reward – £200 to spend at our Luxe Dressing store, located at 4 Conduit Street in the heart of Mayfair.

Start accumulating points from Monday 22nd of October. Your reward journey begins here. *Please note our store will under-go a refurbishment from Monday 16th to 21st of October*



The Luxe Dressing Team